Happy New Year! Happy New You!

January is a special month for me. This month marks the beginning of my own success story. It has been two years since I changed my heart, then changed my mind, and began seeing the resulting changes in my body. Beginning in January of 2009 I began getting rid of my old ideas and abandoning the unhelpful paradigms about my weight problem. This is when I turned looked inside myself for the solution. I lost 130 pounds of body fat in 2009 and haven’t gained an ounce of it back.

Losing that weight was fantastic and a lot of fun. Yes – it was fun – if not fun, it was at least rewarding. I loved all the positive attention and the surprised look on people’s face when they saw my weight loss. The thing is that didn’t happen that often in 2010 so the everyday fun of weight loss sort of faded.

Fortunately, something else has kept me going and kept me grateful. Gratitude for never feeling regret, worry, or discomfort around or about food. Until I got some distance from it I never realized how miserable all that obsession about eating made me. It didn’t matter whether it was daydreaming about what I’d have at a restaurant later that day or feeling shame about how much I ate at the restaurant afterward or the ice cream I ate later that night once I’d made room for it. All of it was crazy-making.

I haven’t felt bad once in two years and that keeps me grateful each and every meal. Gratitude is a powerful thing.

I wrote the articles you find here over the last year. Writing them was part of my morning quiet time and a labor of love. I sense a big part of keeping myself healthy and happy is passing on what I’ve learned and sharing my experiences.

A lot of people are beginning diets and exercise programs as I write this at the beginning of 2011 as part of their New Year resolution. My heart goes out to them. Another source of gratitude is that I have no resolution to make today. My hope is that Solution In You will be a part of that kind of peace and happiness for many others.

Happy 2011!