Don’t eat stuff you see on TV

Something just occurred to me. I took a look at my menu and realized I couldn’t find one thing that I eat that I see commercials for on TV. If you have read In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto you saw Pollan’s advice not to eat anything with a health claim on the packaging if you are interested in eating healthfully. I stick to that too.

It pays to notice that the most healthful, whole, single ingredient, and truly doctor-recommended foods aren’t advertised. I’m not sure why this is. Broccoli must either not need advertising to sell enough to make farming it worthwhile or the expense of advertising it would not make it more profitable to produce and sell. Hard to say. I am not an economist.

What would a commercial for broccoli look like? What would they say? Would they show cool and sexy twenty-somethings gobbling it up and grinning ear to ear at each other? Or would it be more a concerned homemaker telling you how important it is to her that only the best broccoli be served to her family?

I suppose it would be a matter of demographics. All those advertisements always have to be aimed at a particular demographic. This is why you see certain types of commercials on some TV shows and different types of commercials on other TV shows. You’ll see ads for erectile dysfunction more often during Orange Country Choppers and more ads for anti-depressants while watching The View.

I might be projecting just a little. I don’t watch that much TV and never watch The View.

What is the demographic of people who tend to eat a lot of single-ingredient, healthful, fresh, whole foods? I suppose that is a demographic in itself. The thing is, these people are already motivated to eat the way they do and the commercials probably wouldn’t make the difference. As for the people who eat mostly the type of stuff advertised on TV – I don’t think the broccoli commercials would make much difference to them either.