Connection between advertising and shame?

A UPI article reports on a poll where 17 percent of women with healthy body composition said they are fat. A similar number said they were not content with how they look in the mirror.

The poll required men and women volunteers to look at themselves in the mirror and choose from 12 adjectives describing how they believe they looked. Those taking part were weighed and measured to determine whether they were overweight or of a healthy weight. Study: Women more ashamed of obesity

Twice as many women than men who are overweight said they felt shame.

I see an indicator that society, mostly by way of all the diet advertising, is telling women they have a problem and they need to be ashamed of themselves or feel inadequate until they buy xyz. I have no hard numbers at hand but I would guess that at least two thirds of all diet and exercise schemes are marketed towards women. To advertise something you have to convince someone they have a problem or lack in their life. A connection is plausible.

Women are inundated with this message and obviously it sinks in effectively. What doesn’t seem to last are the benefits of the diet or exercise products they are sold.

Diets fail for men and women because they are temporary and because they take them on to please society or others rather than enhance their own life experience. I don’t see a lot of diet or exercise advertising where the main thrust of the message is “buy our product and you’ll experience peace of mind and body.” What they usually say is you’ll look better, be sexier, be more desirable.

The advertisers over-convince us of the problem and fail to deliver a real solution. That leaves people feeling discontent with themselves.

Meanwhile junk food manufacturers are telling them they’ll enhance their life experience – they they’ll be soothed, comforted, cheered up, etc by consuming their products.  A vicious circle.