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Nutrition assistance programs and obesity problems

Soda won't cure hunger - why buy it for hungry people?

Changing how SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) work would make government part of the solution to the obesity problem rather than part of the problem. In the U.S. there are too many children who are obese – around 17%. There are poor children who have unreliable access to food – 16%. And, there are children whoContinue Reading→

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Exercise sells – Inside Work Does Not

Three episodes of the A&E Documentary “Heavy” have been broadcast and I watched each of them. One of the first things that I noticed is that the majority of time you see them doing something about their problem you see them in the gym sweating and grunting and being motivated by two superbly fit physicalContinue Reading→

Connection between advertising and shame?

I see an indicator that society, mostly by way of all the diet advertising, is telling women they have a problem and they need to be ashamed of themselves or feel inadequate until they buy xyz. I have no hard numbers at hand but I would guess that at least two thirds of all diet and exercise schemes are marketed towards women. To advertise something you have to convince someone they have a problem or lack in their life. A connection is plausible.