Why I Measure Everything I Eat

Of all the changes I made, this is the one I was most resistant to. Even when I was dieting I avoided any diet or weight loss advice that involved measuring food or even portion sizes. As it turns out this habit is probably the most valuable. Like all the other changes I made IContinue Reading→

Is the Solution the Reward?

When I struggled with obesity the solution and reward were two different things. The solution was the next diet, regimen, over the counter diet pill, or exercise routine. The reward was some imaginary point in the future where I reached my goal weight. It is a good thing I abandoned that paradigm. My solutions alwaysContinue Reading→

Never Go On A Diet

When I talk about diets here on SIY (and when I do it will likely be disparagingly) I’m talking about the thing we mean when we say “I need to go on a diet.” The word has two basic meanings concerning food: It can mean the kind of food a person usually eats. “He existsContinue Reading→

Exercise Is Not the Answer

People who discover I lost a lot of weight automatically assume I had some sort of intense exercise program. They want to know what kind of exercise I was doing and how much. The truth is I really didn’t exercise at all. Throughout my 130 lb weight loss over the course of a year IContinue Reading→

Connection between advertising and shame?

I see an indicator that society, mostly by way of all the diet advertising, is telling women they have a problem and they need to be ashamed of themselves or feel inadequate until they buy xyz. I have no hard numbers at hand but I would guess that at least two thirds of all diet and exercise schemes are marketed towards women. To advertise something you have to convince someone they have a problem or lack in their life. A connection is plausible.

Why Measure Food

Three reasons to measure your food 1. Consistency is good for nutrition and metabolism One of the major changes around my eating routine is measuring everything I eat. I am fairly certain that consistency in terms of intake played a huge role in both my weight loss, the successful maintenance of the weight, and feelingContinue Reading→


Nutrition assistance programs and obesity problems

Soda won't cure hunger - why buy it for hungry people?

Changing how SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) work would make government part of the solution to the obesity problem rather than part of the problem. In the U.S. there are too many children who are obese – around 17%. There are poor children who have unreliable access to food – 16%. And, there are children whoContinue Reading→

Don’t eat stuff you see on TV

Something just occurred to me. I took a look at my menu and realized I couldn’t find one thing that I eat that I see commercials for on TV. If you have read In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto you saw Pollan’s advice not to eat anything with a health claim on the packagingContinue Reading→

Exercise sells – Inside Work Does Not

Three episodes of the A&E Documentary “Heavy” have been broadcast and I watched each of them. One of the first things that I noticed is that the majority of time you see them doing something about their problem you see them in the gym sweating and grunting and being motivated by two superbly fit physicalContinue Reading→